Thursday, April 30, 2009

My American Way - graciela.

America for me is so full of paradoxes and tangled webs that for every Mickey Mouse, Hummer gas guzzler, and fear mongering, there exists Chuck Close and Richard Neutra's Kaufmann Desert House. That is the America that I live in and that is the America that I love.


  1. if we could only have a Chuck Close for every Hummer.

  2. Yeah, I agree Richard. For every architectural marvel that I love, there are thousands of strip malls. For every Chuck Close, there are even more people blocking the roads and parking lots with Hummers. But I guess what I like America, even with all the depressing things any of us can come up with, is the fact that at least 1 of something truly great can exist and come out of all the cultural garbage. No amount of ugly housing can take away the awe and reverence I feel when I see the Kaufmann desert house, a piece of architectural wonder that is pushed to godliness by the Californian terrain.