Friday, August 7, 2009

Cubist Living

Bella has a cubist mouth.

And I think this spider sees his world as a cubist painting.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

i misunderstand 87 percent of 100 percent of what i hear.

that's no joke. i am also notorious for bending the edges of the english language. so on to cubism.

it's commonly defined as the practice of thinking outside of the cube. i know plenty of people who do it. here is one:

that's mom. she is a singer. on any given performance, she is likely to do any of the following:
- not wear underwear;
- wear a mask;
- make out with a dead animal;
- booty grind someone in the audience;
- make you a little nervous that she might cross that line you really don't want her to cross.

that's what i call thinking outside the cube. what? it's not? there is no such a thing? well, now there is.

talking about mom, though, i heard she broke up with herself. i hope i am also wrong about that.

and one last thing: my habitual medium is polaroid. that one was taken last summer.

cubism -- saint oh fool

I know what cubism is, and this isn't it
but these are cubes.

every day I've been doing one of these quadcam shots.
first thing.

it reminds me of a story that i heard; Chuck Close once told a reporter that he likes to start the day off "with a shot". The reporter asked what brand Close drinks, to which he hield up his camera and said "Kodak"!

Here's another one;
It's my great grandmother's 95th birthday (we're Mexican, and live longer than you) and as she's going around greeting all of the family, my Grandmother (her daughter) said, "Mom, before all of this keeps going, and you tire out too much, we have to get you a shot" to which I (taking the same bait Close's reporter took) said "oh no, is she sick? what does she need" -- my grandmother laughed and said "Tequila!"