Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Fun With Pre-Consumption

Another random find.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Katie Shapiro // New Work

I'm a Los Angeles based photographer. You can see my work here

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just to jump start the "Consumption" theme

Ran across this this morning by Jon Rodriguez.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hello, everyone! My name is Yesenia EspaƱa, and I'm a 24-year old visual artist from Marysville, California. I met Richard in November when I signed up for the "Yes, We Can!" fundraising art show at Bows and Arrows. My partner, graphic designer Jonathan Haggard, and I will be moving to San Francisco in late May to start school at the Academy of Art University during the summer. I'm aiming for a bachelor's degree in graphic design.

I decided to join this blog because I thought it would help motivate me to create new work. If I'm not busy working at Michaels, I'm online searching endlessly for scholarships and other forms of financial aid, which is an incredibly time consuming process.

Below are five of my favorite pieces that showcase my style of art. My style of art is a blend of realism and abstraction. Although some of my pieces have the appearance of having been created loosely, every detail of work has been deliberately and meticulously crafted into a controlled composition. In every work I create, I explore the relationship between the principles and elements of design; line and form are intertwined in harmony, and a fine balance between a chosen color scheme is achieved through layers of shades, tints, and tones. I am versatile with different materials and mediums, but I am most passionately fond of gouache, graphite, ink, and paper.

I look forward to seeing all of the creations by everyone else contributing!

Hi, it's me!

Hi, my name is Michelle. I live in Portland, but lived in Sacramento for a long time before I moved here. Richard and I were coworkers, Jessica M is one of my favorite artists, I have always admired Graciela and Jesse's work, and I am thinking that this might kick my ass into being more productive, as I am currently unemployed! Looking forward to everything you guys have to share!

Oh I do simple vector art for fun. Here is the last one I did, a while ago.

Found Love for Geometry

Ok this wasn't the last thing I did. But it was the last series I did in art, and I'm very happy with the way they came out. Suggestions/questions/comments are welcome!

The last thing I did....

I am addicted to Krylon's 18K gold leaf pen. These will be in my show at Artifacts this month.

Things I've Done or Doing But Not Done Doing

Between the day job and the teaching at SCC and killing my washing machine and my mom getting married and catching The Nasal Death Syndrome and working on the new Ganglians LP and a postcard for JSB's show in April @ Upper Playground I havent had much time for "art" over the past few weeks. But here's some stuff from my sketchbook that has pretended to ooze out over far too long a timespan. The shoe one is actually for a show in LA with Stoked Mentoring.

last thing

I've been scanning what I eat
I ate a banana
so I scanned it

the idea is to compile a visual list of things I've eaten all year.

the last thing i did...

Hi, I just wanted to post the last thing I've done and maybe other people can do the same during this first week so we can get to "know" each other and what we do.

So I'm graciela and this is an illustration I did for a magazine in Nicaragua back in the fall. I have been inactive since then as I am trying to get out of my current profession. My reasons are very much related to next week's topic so here's hoping my financial aid pulls through.


Check back in a week (04/08/09) to see all the work everyone has done.
it should be good

for now, though, chew on this;

and this