Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best of the Best

The who still makes me go, "Whoa," after nearly 14 years.

My inspiration, the reminder that life really is beautiful, and an amazing photographer - my grandma Ata Kando.

My favorite photo from my old, late friend, pen pal and other inspiration, Eva Besnyo

Whale Shark Spirit.

Little bird.

The man who survived wearing the gold star in Nazi-infested Hungary to come to California to create me - in front of his house on the Bloomgracht, Amsterdam.

The funniest guy, pictured here with some joker.

The one who makes me lose my shit, even when we're not on the Zipper.

My golden girl.

My Lindsey. Everyone thought we were sisters, so I stopped correcting them.

Long Distance BFF.

I have a lot of friends. Some I'm really close to, others are just slightly above acquaintances.
Most of my close friends are the other musicians I choose to play with, mostly because I'd rather play music than have a night life. After reading Jessica's post earlier, I thought I'd write about someone who's made a huge impact on my life, but also someone I don't see too often. My friend; the amazing Mike Peterson.

It was sometime in ealry 2005. I don't remember the exact date, forgive me. Our friends in Cowboy Killer had just flipped their van outside of Sacramento while heading out on what was to be their first tour (incidentaly, their last one too.) Matt called us and asked if we would want to save their northwest tour by jumping on board and we all us the T.O.D. van. Biaggio and I had just been up there for the first time a month or two before that and had a blast, so it was an easy "Yes!"
I don't remember where we played at the first night, though I'll say it was probably in Portland. The 2nd night, we were to play in Seattle at some place called "The Asshole Castle" which turned out to be a house (naturally, I don't think anyone would name their bar or venue such a thing.)
Admitidley, I was in a bad mood for one reason or another...and not exactly thrilled about playing at a punk house. I'm sure laughing out loud at the Orange with Black Bats painted drum kit didn't make me look too friendly and neither did the fact that I approaced everything in the house like it had v.d.
We were first to play and our set went pretty well. After taking our gear down, I went outside for a cigarette.
I'm sitting on the porch, enjoying my smoke, when this crazy looking fucking lumberjack mountain man walks up to me. We make small talk, but no mention of him performing or anything. For some reason, he strikes me as a really nice guy despite the fact that he looks like he could go insane on someone for crossing him.

A couple of hours later, I'm outside partying when my friend Dan runs over and practically shouts "Hey! You've gotta go inside and see this!"

I went in and had what they call a "religious experience" when I watched SEAN play! Mike was laying it in to the Orange with Black Bats painted drum kit! In between songs, he slammed beers and pounded joints! I couldn't believe THIS GUY was fucking shit up so hard on THIS DRUMSET! His partner in crime; Luke is the shit too, but that's obvious when you listen to or watch them. These guys are one of my favorite bands ever! Moving on...

Since then, I've gotten to know Mike very well. I've stayed at his house, got to know his (now ex) wife, met his Mom, and have partied the baby off with everything under the sun with this guy!

He teaches drums to people of all ages at the fabulous SEATTLE DRUM SCHOOL.

He has the best decorated house in the entire tri-state area!

His cat, Ralph is awesome too!

He's my hero for several reasons, including the ones listed above, but also because he's toured the world, has great taste in music and drums, HATES RUSH!, loves to party, and has a weird sense of humour! All things I can relate to!

Another thing about Mike, is that he makes everything! Ever seen a saw blade clock? Ever known someone to put one of those circular submarine windows in their "saloon" that they've built themselves?

Not to mention the cool things he makes for his friends! Apparently, he was out one night, saw some poster and decided that the guy on the poster looked like me! So he took the posters and pasted one on a painted piece of board, gave me cowboy boots and a wiener, put a hook on it, and gave it to me. He has another that he has pasted on the bottom of an empty 12 pack box.

So much for my first contribution to Topical Thursday. Me rambling about one of my favorite people that you'l probably never meet. Unless you want to take drum lessons in the northwest, go to a SEAN show, or see The Accused on tour!

Best friends...

...are the people in your life who can go away for weeks, months, even years...and upon your next meeting, everything is like you were hanging out yesterday.

I love my friends. A lot of them are the best.

sb - bff

my sisters - lana & zeina.  
my mom is pregnant with me.  i wonder if she knew that her 3 daughters would be such good friends on top of being sisters... it's like i was born with 2 guaranteed bffs... i find that lucky.  

these are my best friends

I met Biaggio, Rob, and Catherine on New Year's Eve of 2004. They are the funniest people I know, we have done a whole lot of partying together and have been on many crazy adventures. Catherine and I lived one block away from each other in San Francisco, but we didn't know each other then. Biaggio is Rob's band mate and Catherine is his girlfriend. They play in an instrumental two piece band, Times of Desperation. Since then we have been everywhere together; every scary part of every ghetto in the latest hours of the night, and tons buildings we judged as structurally unsound in the event of an earthquake. I wonder how many hours we have spent in Biaggio's van together? Most recently they played at Skinner's opening at 111 Minna in San Francisco. It was wonderful to see so many faces from Sacramento there. We went on tour with them in the Northwest, it was my first time in Seattle. We drank absinthe, took pills every day, smoked a million joints, and slept in the van and on the ground. I hope we move away soon, Sacramento is a poisonous place where no one ever gets tired of anything.

Rob shredding his drums apart.

This is Biaggio in our friend Mike's saloon in Seattle. His house looks like a gold rush museum.

This is Catherine after some Absinthe.

Looking related.

Rob using his Argus and it's matching light meter in Portland.

In Seattle.

The boys in the saloon.

Biaggio, Rob, and I in a basement somewhere.

BFF - Jessalyn

March 2007.
Java Lounge. Sacramento, California.
Photograph courtesy of Jeannie MacDonald.

Jocelyn Jade & Jessalyn Joy:
born 10 days apart in the month of January,
both spent their earliest childhoods in the city of San Francisco
& from the moment they found each other in the
foothills of the Sierra Nevadas eight years ago, inseparable:
you are my twin star

am i human



some of the people I love and trust, and who inspire me endlessly

Tough Love Since '01

2 days ago - graciela.

My best friend, Mimi, moved away to Hawaii on my birthday.

BFF -- St.Ofle