Thursday, September 24, 2009

Enthusiasm in me.

I'm enthusiastic about our abilities. Yesterday, while sitting in class and running my fingers through my hair, I saw a gray hair come out. I always like to look at my silver strands, but I quickly noticed that this one was half brown. Neat, a transitioning hair, but wait! the brown was coming from the root end? I more than triple checked to see if I was seeing things correctly. I ended up holding onto the hair for the rest of class. I have this book that has an index of all these ailments and our potential mental patterns that create them. I have used this book to heal myself and prevent sickness for years now. Last year I noticed how many gray hairs I was getting since I had started school. Then looking up something else, I saw the book even listed gray hair. The probable cause was listed as "Stress. Belief in pressure and strain." Um yes, that's school life but I guess it doesn't have to be. And now I have some proof (to me) that this belief is changing. Yay.

Anytime I find success in relation to this book, I dance like Billy here:

I now have the hair taped to my wall in my studio as a reminder.

Enthusiam - Michelle Suzanne

also known as having a really good time (hargt if you are in the know)