Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have been saving this paper for a special occasion.

Bouncey Bounce

Musical Montage Magic.


hollow courtship runon pointless faint dream creeping endless timeless wasted fuckin jaded destroy demand ended craving seething teething war war hands waving hands bleeding cities countries children hunting worn wearin down down hear speak breath need crave pour drink eat wake never fully ever shiver shake la mer haunted sexuality curves angles charcoal to paper memory history capsize explain express stomach take it out out out how can you live with yourself?

-c. wolfe

Montage (mossffiti) -- St.Ofle

I read about how to make graffiti with moss.
pretty badass.
so I made some.
my great pal Elisha sent some hand-picked moss from the coast.
Here's how it looks.

(recipe = dry-ish moss, 1/2 gallon of buttermilk, blender.
paint on a wall with a paintbrush
hint; wait until summer is over)


I made this for my mommy for Mommy's Day: