Thursday, June 4, 2009

Underground II

I'm probably breaking some rule now by posting a second time in one day, but I realized after my previous post that this is the 20th anniversary of Tienanmen Square. Amazing how things have changed in two decades, and how an underground movement has surfaced so massively. Thousands of people came out for a vigil, and the pictures are outstanding for a country that still puts down any movement it considers dangerous:



Simbarashe thought it would be a cliche to take pictures of the NYC underground for this post, but I did it anyway, not in the least because I spend a great deal of time down there. I was going to make a collage, but Photoshop and I are not as close as I thought. So here are a few (mostly unadulterated) shots:

(semi) underground

st.ofle -- underground


bored in Finland pt. II (run) from chelsea wolfe on Vimeo.