Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: "Sports Entertainment" v2

Originally posted this pic in B/W but then I had the idea to incorporate one of my nerdier guilty pleasures: pure RGB green. This shit is toxic on the eyes and impossible to replicate in print so its far and few between when I actually get to use it. I use it in my classes to be obnoxious, and joke that I want to paint my house this color. Then I saw a house in Tahoe Park that actually is this color! Dang... but no. Anyway. Not so much guilty as I know its "wrong" and like it anyway. To quote the poet (John Stamos, who doth quoth the originator), "Loving you, is easy cuz you're beautiful…"

Jamaica-Guilty as Charged

Sleeping in till 2:00pm and staying up until 4:00am
Reading magazines at Barnes and Noble for hours and not buying anything.
Red Bull.
Gilmore Girls.
Spending my last $20 on hair dye and beer.
Circus animal cookies.
Taking pictures of myself.

Walking on a Wire

Non-guilty pleasure first: being picked by Richard to pick a topic for this rad blog, and loving everyone's guilty pleasures.

My long-time, ever-expanding guilty pleasure is shitty music. My husband once bought, I shit ya not, 10 THOUSAND records from a tweaker in Nor. Highlands for about $100 and ever since, I've peppered my Juana Molina with a lotta Bread. Ooh, do I love me that song "Guitar Man." Corny goodness. But the shittiest of the shitties is this song. I cannot justify it. It's the worst song ever and it brings chills to my arms: Shawn Colvin's "Sunny Came Home."

Sadly, Youtube won't let me embed the video, which actually isn't terrible. She's got a few nods in there to Maya Deren's amazing "Meshes of the Afternoon." You can see it here.

So, instead, I will embed this fabulously wonderful guilty pleasure. I only feel guilty because I watch is so often. To da left! To da left!


guilty pleasure

Weather is my guilty pleasure. I guess there is nothing to feel guilty about, although I am a bit obsessive about it. In March I started saving photos from the KCRA weather cams in Sacramento, Ca. I kept the strip at the bottom with the date and time. I tried to remember to save images on days that had interesting weather, anytime a storm front was moving through the area. I also saved images during the magic hours before sunset.

Guilty Pleasures

Celebrity Crushes (that don't make much sense really)

Quoting Dr. Phil:
I find myself quoting Dr. Phil every now and then (without giving him credit) and then getting extremely positive feedback from whoever is listening. What I find funny about this is the people that would normally think Dr. Phil is a quack (hipsters, college-obsessives and know-it-alls), are impressed with my insight. I feel like a fraud, but somehow I enjoy laughing on the inside.

Lifetime Movies:
Oh my god! He's having an affair with his wife's BROTHER! And now she's plotting to murder them both... but we're all rooting for her because she's anorexic (due to her mother's constant fat insults) and was molested by her dentist when put to sleep for a wisdom tooth removal.

Justifying Our Evil Actions:
  • "Of course I'm going to stare at her boobs when she puts out her cleavage for all the world to see."
  • "Well, he cheats on me all the time so I'm just going to do it too."
  • "I need this cigarette, I've had a bad day."
  • "I'm not talking shit, I'm just being honest."
Internet Stalking:
Shit gets out of control when someone isn't easily found. We start googling their name and interests, job and pet's name, last vacation destination and favorite band:
  • Olla and Fashion
  • Sales Associate and Harley
  • Burning Man and the Beatles
Pathetic, but also extremely gratifying if something is found.

Dishonorable Mentions: cutting people off on the road/American Idol/putting gravy on everything on your plate/writing something down on our to do list that we already did so we can cross it off and feel productive/frenemies/Katy Perry/inhibitors/running into people we don't like and knowing that we look better than they do/relishing in being right in an arguement/using the phrase "Your face is ____"/not leaving a tip when the waitstaff was terrible

Love, Olla


1) T.A.T.U.'s greatest hits cd (I know, right? They have a greatest hits album?)
2) Staying in bed watching episodes of Lost on my computer (this is a new one - I'm on the first season)
3) Facebook chat
4) Airplane food
5) Listening to NPR while driving

This should really just be a list of indulgences because I don't really feel guilty about these things in moderation. But listening to T.A.T.U... maybe a little.

St.Ofle -- guilt/pleasure

there are so many
but this is a big one

when I'm having a bad day, I look up "ghost ride the whip" on youtube.

Guilty Pleasures - Jessalyn

Have never felt guilty for pleasure.