Thursday, April 23, 2009

St.Ofle -- guilt/pleasure

there are so many
but this is a big one

when I'm having a bad day, I look up "ghost ride the whip" on youtube.


  1. Richard, this is amazing. You should check out the "dutty wine" on youtube

  2. oh richard! i didn't think it was possible to like you more than i already do... but this... now i understand why we are friends.
    ghost ride it baby!

  3. Those are hilarious! Can we ghost ride the Priuses sometime?

  4. I'm sorry, what? Have I become so out of touch? I've never heard of this "ghost ride" so I had to look it up on Wikipedia. I still don't think I get it. You get out of your car to dance while it's in drive and idles? :-\

  5. Graciela,
    you may not be aware, because it's (I think) a bay area thing.
    to my knowledge there's ONE emblematic "Ghost Ride" song (which is the one in those videos), but I think we'd be doing the world a service if we spread the word!

    I smell a new TT topic!