Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Celebrity Crushes (that don't make much sense really)

Quoting Dr. Phil:
I find myself quoting Dr. Phil every now and then (without giving him credit) and then getting extremely positive feedback from whoever is listening. What I find funny about this is the people that would normally think Dr. Phil is a quack (hipsters, college-obsessives and know-it-alls), are impressed with my insight. I feel like a fraud, but somehow I enjoy laughing on the inside.

Lifetime Movies:
Oh my god! He's having an affair with his wife's BROTHER! And now she's plotting to murder them both... but we're all rooting for her because she's anorexic (due to her mother's constant fat insults) and was molested by her dentist when put to sleep for a wisdom tooth removal.

Justifying Our Evil Actions:
  • "Of course I'm going to stare at her boobs when she puts out her cleavage for all the world to see."
  • "Well, he cheats on me all the time so I'm just going to do it too."
  • "I need this cigarette, I've had a bad day."
  • "I'm not talking shit, I'm just being honest."
Internet Stalking:
Shit gets out of control when someone isn't easily found. We start googling their name and interests, job and pet's name, last vacation destination and favorite band:
  • Olla and Fashion
  • Sales Associate and Harley
  • Burning Man and the Beatles
Pathetic, but also extremely gratifying if something is found.

Dishonorable Mentions: cutting people off on the road/American Idol/putting gravy on everything on your plate/writing something down on our to do list that we already did so we can cross it off and feel productive/frenemies/Katy Perry/inhibitors/running into people we don't like and knowing that we look better than they do/relishing in being right in an arguement/using the phrase "Your face is ____"/not leaving a tip when the waitstaff was terrible

Love, Olla


  1. hahaha!
    that Dr. Phil thing is so funny!
    I caught my mom doing it a while back, but I knew that if I called her out on it, she'd know that I watch Dr.Phil, and I couldn't decide which was worse.