Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walking on a Wire

Non-guilty pleasure first: being picked by Richard to pick a topic for this rad blog, and loving everyone's guilty pleasures.

My long-time, ever-expanding guilty pleasure is shitty music. My husband once bought, I shit ya not, 10 THOUSAND records from a tweaker in Nor. Highlands for about $100 and ever since, I've peppered my Juana Molina with a lotta Bread. Ooh, do I love me that song "Guitar Man." Corny goodness. But the shittiest of the shitties is this song. I cannot justify it. It's the worst song ever and it brings chills to my arms: Shawn Colvin's "Sunny Came Home."

Sadly, Youtube won't let me embed the video, which actually isn't terrible. She's got a few nods in there to Maya Deren's amazing "Meshes of the Afternoon." You can see it here.

So, instead, I will embed this fabulously wonderful guilty pleasure. I only feel guilty because I watch is so often. To da left! To da left!


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