Thursday, October 1, 2009

intoxication - michelle suzanne

So contrary to what I have thought nearly my whole adult life, I discovered recently that NOT drinking helps me sleep better. Not to say that I am intoxicated nightly, but even just a few beers out a show on a weeknight and I find myself tossing and turning all night, only to fall asleep right before my alarm clock goes off or just waking up every half hour. As much as I love drinking, I love sleeping more. So I am trying my very hardest to drink a lot less. Funny, when I wasn't trying not to drink it was no biggie, but now that I am forcibly trying not to drink, all I can think of is cold delicious beer and sweet sweet vodka and wine wine wine. Cheers.

Long Exposure -- St.Ofle

I think this is the closes you can get to getting a baby high.
Orson and I have been playing with long-exposures between naps.
This is him doing his best to sit still.

Intoxication .Patricia.

China is celebrating its 60 years of communist rule with intoxicating parades and displays of might. It's even attempted to control the weather and dispel interfering clouds with shots of iodine. Last night the Empire State Building was lit red and yellow in its honor. No cold war here.