Thursday, October 8, 2009


Trends come and go, there is no need to pay attention to them. Silhouettes, forms, texture, spatial relationships, movement, patterns, and color harmonies are forever. Lagerfeld's mixtures of black, white, tulle, and tweed. Lacroix's innovative scupltural shapes. Prada's composition and simplicity. You don't need $35,000 for a Chanel couture suit, beauty and innovation is everywhere. This drawing is pencil on paper, her dress is made from a used coffee filter.

Trend - graciela.

I was poor 20 years ago. I was cheap 9 years ago. I was thrifty 2 years ago. Now, they just categorize me as a recessionista, a consumer trend that is keeping the economy from growing. Who knew that the debt I never accrued and frivolous spending I never did would've ruined our economy if everyone else adopted such a personal monetary responsibility. Because overspending and running a national GDP made up of mostly debt worked out so great for us.

Trend - Jessalyn Wakefield

You like the trend of longer hemlines because you prefer your imagination. What cannot be seen is always more captivating than what is revealed. You come from your head. You write me letters, imagining me smoking out the window of my room. Imagining me reading in the bath. Painting for me pictures of myself in solitude. But I am rarely alone, and I like my skirts short. I quit smoking and I lost the stopper for the drain. Is being held spellbound, in fact, the way you prefer to be held.

am i human