Thursday, August 6, 2009

i misunderstand 87 percent of 100 percent of what i hear.

that's no joke. i am also notorious for bending the edges of the english language. so on to cubism.

it's commonly defined as the practice of thinking outside of the cube. i know plenty of people who do it. here is one:

that's mom. she is a singer. on any given performance, she is likely to do any of the following:
- not wear underwear;
- wear a mask;
- make out with a dead animal;
- booty grind someone in the audience;
- make you a little nervous that she might cross that line you really don't want her to cross.

that's what i call thinking outside the cube. what? it's not? there is no such a thing? well, now there is.

talking about mom, though, i heard she broke up with herself. i hope i am also wrong about that.

and one last thing: my habitual medium is polaroid. that one was taken last summer.


  1. At first i was thinking it was YOUR mom and i was like WOW. Then i figured it out. :)

  2. although your mom would totally do all of the above!

  3. I met her like, four years ago. I adore her. She is quiet and lovely and sweet and then she makes everyone terribly uncomfortable.