Thursday, August 6, 2009

cubism -- saint oh fool

I know what cubism is, and this isn't it
but these are cubes.

every day I've been doing one of these quadcam shots.
first thing.

it reminds me of a story that i heard; Chuck Close once told a reporter that he likes to start the day off "with a shot". The reporter asked what brand Close drinks, to which he hield up his camera and said "Kodak"!

Here's another one;
It's my great grandmother's 95th birthday (we're Mexican, and live longer than you) and as she's going around greeting all of the family, my Grandmother (her daughter) said, "Mom, before all of this keeps going, and you tire out too much, we have to get you a shot" to which I (taking the same bait Close's reporter took) said "oh no, is she sick? what does she need" -- my grandmother laughed and said "Tequila!"


  1. I love these cubes.

    ps: I'm angry at myself for not posting anything for the past several weeks. Need to get on it.

  2. perfectly lovely!

    My great grandma lived to be 90 and she was on a pack a day since she was 13. Gotta love those latino genes.