Thursday, April 30, 2009

America, Our Home Sweet Home

Everyday I feel more and more disdain towards Americans:

* We spend more money on eating extreme amounts of food plus the cost of trying to lose it than we spend on feeding people that are actually hungry.

* We have a 50% divorce rate. People give up too easily.

* Speaking of giving up: Our forefathers set up our government system so that we could overturn it when shit hit the fan. What are we waiting for?

* Our hippie parents taught us to think for ourselves... turns out that also teaches us to be selfish human beings.

* The number one music artist in America doesn't even sing live. We spend over $50 per ticket to watch a specticle and listen to Britney say "My vagina is falling out." I am worried about the mind-state of the girls in America.

* Our girls are constantly being fed what people think is a lie: To be appreciated, you have to be skinny, sexy and put out.

* I wish it was a lie, but it's unfortunately true. Girls are having too much sex, there are too many abortions and too many dead beat dads.

* We are a generation that grew up without a father. The result: Boys don't have to be men and women are ball and chained to children and making a living.

* Pride has been so instilled into our values to the point that people don't even know what pride is anymore.

* Young people, the ones that are supposed to be making change (like our parents the hippies) are more interested in the fashion of change.

* We live in a country where it is legal to require people to work 5 days a week to make a life for themselves. Our lives became our work. What happened to family?

* We live in a country where we don't give men tips on how to juggle home and work life but women's "literature" is riddled with it.

* America tells our children that if you study hard, get good grades and go to college, you will be happy. These children become angry individuals stuck in a cubicle writing blogs about how America has failed.

That's the American Way.

Love, Olla


  1. One of your points that really stuck out for me is the one about the fashion of change. I think this is probably why I take up such an issue with "hipsters". Adbusters had an interesting article on the subculture, which is now mainstream culture, and the selfish and causeless scene that it is. I've met many hipsters at bars in LA that just want to talk about their clothes, their alcohol, and run away when I might bring up a real topic like the gentrification of the neighborhood.

  2. It is very frustrating, sitting in a circle drinking pabst and talking about absolutely nothing: hiking, vegan recipes, making out with a DJ, really hard midterms, something smart a professor said just to enhance one's value, Balmain... ugh. I open my mouth to anything that matters (family values, tween sexuality... whatever) and people look uncomfortable and change the subject to something like the latest Wes Anderson movie. Arg. I sound like such a hater.

  3. %50 divorce rate? If you were that grade in a class you would drop it. So I'm hearing an argument to drop marriage. I'm with you on that.

    And what happened to having a family so you don't have to work? Damned child labor laws.

    And for the love of all things good, just avoid hipsters. They're depressing, but they'll die someday. Republicans too.

  4. Olla, I agree with you in the result of sex (too many abortions and too many dead beat dads) but perhaps the cause isn't too much sex, but inappropriate, and or unprotected sex?

    maybe it's just me, but as a society, reducing the amount of sex we have sounds like a drag!

  5. Richard, I agree with you on that one too.

    Perhaps one of the reasons is that the kids in this country, it seems, are foreign to the concept of responsibility for one's own actions.