Thursday, April 30, 2009

The American Way (44/25)

Driving to school last night, I was thinking about today's topic.
It's a bit hard to be etic, living in America, and choosing one aspect of my life, or my experience to portray the "American way" seems like a strange exercise in cultural relativism.
Not that I'm any more or less American than anyone else it's just that there's 306,321,000 of us, and no one of us knows more than any other one what the emblematic American looks, sounds or feels like.

It was then that I noticed that I was doing 44mph in a 25mph zone.



  1. Cultural Relativism! Nice! My original thought and topic.

  2. Can we put a 4 syllable limit on submissions? Who's in charge here?

    Oh yeah, and Richard, I just sent this pic to my connection in the chp and they said it is totally admissible as evidence. That the photo was obviously take from the drivers' side adds a "strike", whatever that is. Call me later to discuss my protection/extortion rates. I sure i have a plan that will accommodate your fast-lane lifestyle.