Thursday, September 17, 2009


When Richard told me that this week’s Topical Thursday topic du jour was about food, I got really excited. There are few things that get my lard-laden blood pumping faster than the promise of enlightened discussion about all things gastronomic.

But before I begin, let me make it clear that I’m a recently converted carnivore who spent more than seven years before the leafy celery mast of vegetarianism. I’m not interested in discussing the ethical ramifications of eating all things cute and or fuzzy, but rather the sweet, sweet science of eating food that my friends (who are infinitely more talented then myself) have prepared. There is no better feeling than cracking open a cold one, sitting around the table, and getting BBQ sauce in various locations around my mouth. Other than making love (the way I do it anyways), eating with one another is the single most bond-tastic thing you can do. Having dinner with one another should be a required activity for families, friends and people you see on the street that you shoot smiles at because you know that if you ran into each other somewhere else (like dinner maybe) you would totally hit it off.

Now that summer is winding down, the chance to cook outdoors is dramatically dwindling. I suggest you stock up on the Sriracha, box wine, and Netflix so that this winter you can get closer with the people you want to get closer with.

Eat something good and don’t forget to invite me cause y’know I can’t cook for myself.


  1. Being a vegetarian definitely puts a hamper on communal eating. Not because it's really that difficult but because there is a perceived problem by omnis. It can be a diet of isolation (and jeers) so I get the bonding aspect of being an omni.

    What I love about winter is that there is so much communal eating because of the holidays. Though for whatever reason we all hate ourselves for it by January and lie to ourselves about loving good foods that make us happy.

  2. ugh... My least favorite thing to do when I was a vegetarian was TELL people I was a vegetarian. The looks of quiet disappointment are never good.

  3. Awesome,
    I totally know what you mean! But I quietly feed people vegan cakes and pastries and when they ooh and ahh then I let them know that the plant world offers good food too. But at a bbq? Forget about it. It's a sad place to be veg.