Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food - Michelle

One of my favorite topics, favorite hobbies, favorite part of life! I could probably write a book about food, just babbling about this and that, but what I want to tell you guys is that Portland has no good Mexican food. I miss Sacramento for this reason alone (besides my friends and mom of course). I have found myself enjoying substandard burritos and telling myself that actually it's pretty good. I have found only one place with actual salsa and not water red or green hot sauce. The best chips and guacamole come from a place that is always incredibly busy and is also incredibly small, oh and did i mention that chips and guacamole is like 6 bucks? not to mention their tacos which are $3 a pop and tiny. I made my own fish tacos last weekend because i have been craving them all summer and cannot seem to find a decent one in this city that isn't covered in pineapples, or lacking flavor, or hardly any fish. Now I'm no fish taco connoisseur, but I know that I like my fish tacos (or any tacos for that matter!) basic. Delicious fish, either grilled or fried, a little bit of lime/sour cream sauce, pico, cabbage. Maybe some hot sauce if I am in the mood. Doesnt sound that hard! I might get some guff for this, but I would pay probably like $20 for 2 Jimboys fish tacos right now. When I go to Sacramento in October you better believe I am stuffing my face full of those amazing greasy perfect things. So back to the fish tacos that I made last weekend. They were AMAZING. I took pictures, and I would post them but I dont have time right now, so if you are so inclined, and want the recipe etc., check my food blog next week for the details. So, in conclusion, cherish the amazing mexican food available to you in sunny California!


  1. I was in PDX recently and I totally agree. Mexican food is a joke there. I went to one joint on Hawthorne and 39th that had decent, but not great, Mexican food. Everything else was disappointing.

    I tried looking for Salvadoran food too but it seemed almost impossible and the couple of places I found had really bad reviews from Salvadorans (I trust my national brothers). Then again, I never found a Salvadoran restaurant in Sacramento either.

    But PDX is an awesome foodie town because you can eat great, high quality foods, without paying an arm and a leg. I can't really say that about too many places in California.

  2. I have never seen a Salvadorian food place anywhere, but i bet it is delicious!! What is a typical Salvadorian meal like??? There used to be a Nicaraguan place down on Freeport, in a weird strip type place right near where Freeport and 21st merge, but it closed. No idea what is there now, but the Nicaraguan place was good. I havent been to the place on Hawthorne and 39th because I heard it wasn't very good. I was hesitant for a long time to even TRY any of the Mexican food places around here because all the Californians I know couldn't recommend a good place. I finally started trying places, and though largely disappointing, I have a few favorites. Nothing outstanding though. You're right about good quality for low prices. That's one definite upside to PDX.