Thursday, May 21, 2009

self-portrait: Rob and Jess

Rob wanted to take part in this blog. Now he is a contributor, I tried to convince him to do a self-portrait, but he refused. I worked all morning painting a self-portrait, but nothing came out well. Photobooth is addictive, and so is the iphone camera with all of it's glorious, goofy applictions. It's extremely low quality spontaneous photography. Rob doesn't know that I am posting these, so if you see him, don't mention it. Here are some of my self-portraits, some of Rob's, some of us together, and a few self-portraits that we took for each other.

Summertime outside

lit with a lighter


A bad day.


Rob's grandpa's glasses.

By the beach.

Cigarettes and ice coffee in San Francisco.

In Seattle.

He didn't know he was in the picure.

A weird moment.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Rob doesn't like the quadcam as much as I do.

He took most of the fake polaroids.

Rob waking me up.

This is the first self-portrait taken with the iphone.

Also, I discovered the photos of this girl a while back. She has been taking self-portraits every day for the last two years. The photos explore her mental health and emotional well-being. It's heavy stuff.

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