Thursday, May 21, 2009

sb. self.

i've been feeling particularly low lately.  
i found out last week that my dear friend julie, at 72 beautiful years, passed away.  i'm having a hard time with it.  
i've lost a lot of people in my 27 years...
but for some reason i'm really struggling with this.  
she was so lovely. generous. kind. wise.  
i have a feeling she will be the subject of a post at some point.

this morning- i absolutely could not get out of bed.  so i took my self portrait in bed...alongside my first cup of coffee.  i better snap out of this soon...

p.s.  i agree wolf, photo booth is totally addictive...


  1. i wish the way we lived allowed more time to give grief place.
    even so, you look beautiful.

  2. Sarah!
    the beautiful irony is in the melancholy of your post -- the somber look on your face -- and the coffee mug that says "damn I'm good"
    I don't know if you intended it -- but it's magic!

  3. Sorry to hear of your friend.

    I really enjoyed this post.