Monday, April 6, 2009

Icky Mickey

Since I'm a writer, and not an artist in the same vein as many of the rest of you, here's my contribution to the topic of consumption.

The image Aaron posted below brings up a good question that's been weighing heavy on my mind. What is it about Disney that is so repugnant to us? How deeply flawed is the Disney franchise, when we're talking about selective consumption for children?

For me, Disney isn't so much evil as it is culturally de riguer. It's not the lowest common denominator, but it's annoyingly easy to access. It's McDonald's and Amazon and Applebees all rolled into one. But it's also super fun, iconic roller coasters, some great nostalgia-driven films and songs, and most frustratingly, it is the laughter and happiness of one's children - a narcotic so strong it pleasantly eclipses my own best intentions on a daily basis.

Since most of you don't have children, perhaps it's easier for you to discern the more repulsive aspects of this brand. Do the positive parts of Disney, and the way that some of us might selectively choose what we like about the brand, outweigh the vile aspects?


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