Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My name is Jessalyn Wakefield. I am a writer and letterpress printmaker. My website is am i human. Thrilled to be participating in this blog. I suppose my contributions will mostly consist of very short fiction.


There is what is consumed and then there is what consumes me. What mouths I offer my Self to, what stomachs I am seized by. There was once woman who appeared to me as a bear. She left me tongueless. I kissed her and she devoured my voice. Consumed what I said and the organ of the saying as if they were perfumed sweets. Or as if they were hers. Rolled my tongue around her tongue, slow and full. And then: that swallow. My flesh became her flesh. Afterward she told me, I come from a land where we feed on books, our piss smells like old leaves, I come from the land of....