Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Isn't that what Satine had in Moulin Rouge? A progressive wasting of body tissue. The state of being consumed.


I haven't been buying very many things lately, not because of the recession or whatevs but because I had plans to move across the country which changed into plans to go to Europe with S. Vanoni for the next few months and so I decided I didn't need lots of things to store away or worry about.. It was pretty fun taking a closet full of clothes I never wore anyway and zillions of pieces of music equipment and either giving them away or selling them on craigslist. Now I just have a few guitars and a few boxes. I still have a lot of shoes though!

Anyway. Is that what we're talking about here? I'm not the best at this blogging thing yet. I see people being consumed by stuff and I can remember what that feels like a bit, but living simply is really beautiful and I admire my friends who have learned to truly live off the land. A couple of my good friends are into organic farming and communal living and while I realise that isn't for everyone, we could all probably incorporate at least a little bit of that lifestyle into our everyday existence.

PS: Whenever I hear someone go, "What recession?" I always think of "Who is John Galt?" from Atlas Shrugged

PPS: Hi I'm Chelsea Wolfe, you can check out my blog or to hear more of me yeauhh
Thanks for the invite to this blog Richard and Jesse - you are two of my favorite artists in our lovely town of trees.

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