Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's missing from this???
Follow these steps and see if you can figure this out.

1) Get a brown, cardboard box.
2) Get purple, orange, and turquoise (or blue) paints.
3) Paint the box orange.
4) Paint your hand turquoise, and smear it on the box (before the orange paint dries).
5) With the purple paint, write your name and date of birth.
7) Turn it upside down.
8) Lie on your side, and look at the end you DIDN'T write on.

What is missing from this sequence?

(these are pictures that I took, because I can't stand not taking pictures.)


  1. you didnt say where to write your name or to write anything else, or which is the top and bottom.

  2. but also I'm right, you didn;'t say those things. what is the answer????

    also what happens how the orange and turquoise probably make brown, what is that about?

  3. are these instructions on how to build a wal mart?

  4. is that IT!? ok, what IS step 6? Is there actually a step, or are you just fucking with us!?