Thursday, August 13, 2009


I woke up this morning to news that my cat was missing. I looked everywhere, I searched for hours. This evening I found her, but when I picked her up she scratched my arms. In that past three years she has never once been remotely interested in going outside at all. She is full grown but still looks like a kitten. She poses and makes adorable noises all the time, she loves attention. If I walk by her and she wants to me stop and play with her she taps my arm with her paw.

A few years ago I saw that two kittens were dumped off in our neighborhood. They appeared to be nearly identical, one was male and the other is female. They were skiddish to say the least. In the ghetto there are tons of uncivilized folks, and my neighbors fit that description perfectly. They had a pit bull that they kept locked in the backyard, they never walked it at all! In fact, we had no idea they had a dog. Apparently they let it roam the neighborhood at night.

Thanksgiving of that year we went over to my mom's house for dinner. On the way home we were discussing the kittens, they were beginning to warm up to us. Even though it would require some adjusting, we decided to bring them inside. We pulled up to our house and noticed the gate was open, immediately we knew something was wrong. The pit bull was in our yard! I could see the boy kitten lying in the grass by a tree, it was obvious that he was dead. The girl kitten was near the front door and the pit bull was a few feet away from her. Rob freaked out and started chasing the pit bull with a brick around the yard. We chased it and yelled and tossed bricks, there was nothing we could do to get the dog to leave. A half and hour later, I was finally able to get the neighbor to come across the street and get the dog, they're lucky Rob didn't kill it. I think he might have, we were infuriated.

The girl kitten, Isabella, was shaken. Rob was able to grab her and bring her inside. Two days later she was living it up in comfort and luxury. We named her brother Isafella. I am certain she is in the yard somewhere and I doubt she will leave.