Thursday, June 25, 2009

St.Ofle -- Scratch Story

This is my favorite Lee "Scratch" Perry story;

(in the words of Adam Horovitz)
"I had the pleasure of meeting Lee Perry. We were on tour in Hong Kong, and for some reason he was there. He's a very little guy, like your craziest grandfather. He had on a shiny outfit with little things taped all over him: notes, a lot of pictures, studs, mirrors and bottle caps. Each thing had a meaning to it.
He had an old video camera and was taping everything - constantly. The sky, the buildings, all of us -- 24 hours a day, he'd tape everything around him, and he'd point it at himself as he slept at night -- except he had no videotape in the camera. He said he just liked the way people acted when they felt like they were being taped."

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