Thursday, May 28, 2009

Safe- Jessica/Rob

Safety is an illusion. When you least expect it a stranger can cut your window screen and enter your home or force you into their car and drive away. Everyday there are stories of missing people all over the world, they just disappear. Some of them show up, some of them don't, and some bodies are never found. I like to scare myself, I imagine myself in dangerous situations when I am alone, in the shower, when I leave my window open at night. I indulge in my fears and find it fun and inspiring.

I listen to acidcop's giallo terrore, and savor the feeling of heightened senses. It's a soundtrack to an old Italian horror movie complete with glass shatters, unearthly screams, murders, climaxes, moments of extreme tension and eerie melodies. It makes my pulse race and sends my imagination into overdrive.

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