Thursday, May 28, 2009


What the F Brussels Airlines.
Two places come to mind when I think of where people like to feel most safe - in their homes, and when they're on an airplane.
I have no problem flying, I actually enjoy it (looking out at the wings and thinking about how people thought to put this heavy machinery together that can actually lift off the ground?? magnificent), and I've been flying a lot lately, so it's been fantastic to find companies like Scandinavian Airlines which are incredibly efficient at what they do. Organized, to the point, comfortable.
Taking Brussels Airlines to Spain the other day however was a disconcerting experience from start to finish - the chaotic check-in desk, the security people making fun of what I was wearing as they patted me down, the flight attendants coming in and out of the plane and cockpit in hushed, confused voices, the baggage workers having a yelling argument outside the windows as they loaded up the plane.
And you know people, the passengers start to look around with shifty eyes, they start to get hostile and stress each other out even more.
Anyway. Yes, I was already in a bad mood when I arrived to your place of business BrusselAir (how could I not be after only one hour of sleep and having to leave Paris?), but you are a huge FAIL when it comes to being good at what you do. Sorry.

(Air Baltic is not a FAIL. They are great.)

ok and

Safe. mmm I don't think about this word much. A similar concept maybe is to be at peace or "content". I feel that way when I'm on a good path and my future makes sense. I feel it when I achieve something I've been working towards. And most of all I feel it when I get to fall asleep next to the person I love. Beds are incredibly safe, beautiful places.

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