Thursday, May 14, 2009

damsel in distress -- St.Ofle

I took this on my recent trip to New Orleans
my flight from Dallas/Ft.Worth to New Orleans was empty
(because it was 7am on a Wednesday)
there were really maybe 50 or 60 of us on the whole airplane.

I saw this girl passing the security gate, with all of its metal detectors and signs that say "take out your laptop" "take your shoes off, but not your socks" etc.
she was saying goodbye to a boy her age.
they were both sad, and lacked the lightning of a couple in love.
I only noticed because they were in front of me in line.

I was surprised to see her on the airplane
and to be sitting next to her no less.

on the airplane, she couldn't stop sobbing.
the entire flight, she was crying

speculation told me that maybe she was in love, but why the crying?
maybe someone had died, and she was on her way back home from college.

the fact that there were so few people on the airplane only accentuated her condition, and she really let go.

the good news?
upon landing in New Orleans, there was a family full of smiling faces and flowers waiting to see her.
She laughed, and smiled, and I never saw her again.

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