Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms

Dirty Little Secrets is a book of compiled quotes from real American Mom's who are confessing what they do just to get by. While I'm not a mom, I can relate to a lot of what these women are saying (I do have a boyfriend that needs a lot of tender loving care). Here are my favorite quotes:

"I let my two toddlers eat Milk Bones right out of the box. I figure if they're not barking, they're fine."
"My shrink tells me to laugh more. What a waste of
"My rule is beer at lunch, wine at 5. Wine at lunch feels
like I have a "problem" but beer just seems OK."
"I bit my daughter's finger while trying to steal a bite out of
her cookie."
"My seven-year-old son walked in on us having sex. We
told him we were doing karate in bed."
"I do my son's homework just so we can get through it
. I grab his pencil and he just looks at me like I've lost
my mind."
"We forgot to buckle our two-year-old up in the car... when we
went around the corner, he flew over to the next seat and screamed 'f*#$ers!!'"
"It's impossible to keep my house clean so I just don't invite
people over. Ever."
"I tell my husband I am going to potty but actually lock myself in the
, sit on the edge of the tub, and read People."

Love, Olla

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