Thursday, August 27, 2009


aesthetic > vanity

once i unconsciously scribbled, "i'm not interested in being beautiful, i'm interested in leading a beautiful life" into a bedside journal at like 3am and when i found it again recently i thought that it sums up quite well how i view today's topic.

i LOVE clothes. i especially adore black clothing. if i could i would (and when i can i will) spend hundreds on the well-tailored, beautifully-draped black dresses and tops and pants and jackets and shoes and all the dark fabrics that i desire.
but what i honestly desire about them is their value when considering how much thought and craft and vision was put into them, and the sense of draping one's body in a visual costume which represents the inner workings of their mind.

i'm actually working on a project called "the dark files" with my friend and local designer michael lopez to craft four or five great pieces that represent our inspirations and aesthetics and then document these pieces in a variety of ways. we're starting tomorrow, yay


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  1. I love draping. I can't wait to see what you come up with.