Thursday, May 7, 2009

Focus... FOCUS! These lies, these lies. Decline, Decline.

I made a rather awful poster design for a bird-themed show at Cool Cat Gallery last year based on a June of 44 song: "Bird Sanctuary." Really one of the most epic post-rock anthems of the late '90s and one of my favorites of all times, actually. 

So in the middle of that song Jeff "Don't Call Me Ferris" Mueller shouts "Fo-cus! FOCUS!" and the line from the title above. I thought this week's Richstoflian experiment would give me a chance to revisit the prior lameness of my "bird" poster. Instead, lots and lots of Life came up and I... cue pun-roll... couldn't focus on getting it all the way done. I'll re-post it once the semester's over and I can "take back the night" from my 3 job rapeoholism.

"Darkness warshed over the dude..."


  1. beautiful!

    a Richstoflian experiment!!!
    that's what this blog should have been called!